Is Private Physiotherapy covered under my Heath Insurer or my Tax?

All Chartered Physiotherapists are approved by health insurance companies e.g. VHI, Laya and Aviva. There are many factors which influence the remuneration for physiotherapy services and it would depend on the type of policy, the number of treatments and the total amount of medical expenses accumulated within one subscription year. We would advise that you discuss with your health insurer to determine what level of reimbursement you are entitled to. All treatment fees or settled directly with Letterkenny Physiotherapy at the time of treatment. Your receipts can then be submitted to your health insurer in order to receive remuneration.

All private health insurers will cover some of the cost of the physiotherapy session, the balance can be claimed via the MED1 Form from the Revenue Web Site


How do I pay?

How do you accept payment The clinic prefers payment after each session via cash, cheque and there is credit/laser debit facility also.

Will I have to do anything in between physiotherapy sessions?

This will depend entirely on the clinical assessment and clinical diagnosis. You may have exercises to do , you may have to continue with rest and pain relieving medication- the diagnosis will direct the treatment protocol.

Is there anything I need to bring to the appointment

If you have scans or referral letter from Doctors, please bring them with you.

How long will the physiotherapy session last?

Initial assessment usually take 40 minutes and subsequent sessions will depend on progress but always will be 30 minutes.

What is the availability of appointments?

What is the availability of appointments; Appointments are usually within 24 hours or if in severe pain, same day appointment can be organised. The clinic has reception facilities – you can phone 074 9124559 or email

Can I be referred by my GP

Your GP can always refer you to a Chartered Physiotherapist but Chartered Physiotherapists can accept clients without referral as they are members of the Irish Society of Physiotherapy . This is the only  professional bodyin Ireland  that the Health Dept use to standardize  physiotherapists qualifications

Will my Physiotherapist be Chartered and how will I know?

You must be Chartered as it is the Professional Body of Physiotherapy in Ireland that allows you to use the title Chartered.

You must also be a Chartered Physotherapist to work privately and this is acquired by being eligible to be a member of the IRISH Society of Physsiotherapy (MISCP)

All physiotherapists at Letterkenny Physiotherapy Clinic are Chartered Physiotherapists.